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Desai Fruits & Vegetables Private Limited (DFV) is India's leading banana producer, focused on both the rapidly growing Indian and global markets.. The Company is the only banana supplier today with the ability to manage quality control right from the tissue to the customer, providing full traceability right down the to the individual farmer field level. DFV’s excellence stems from its ability to ensure end-to-end supply chain management.


This sets the foundation for a strategic upside in the future, through forward integration, by extending control of value chain to the wholesale ex-ripening chamber; as also backward integration by developing industrial farming options on own / leaded land.

DFV Ten Block Strategy

DFV has long established links with farmers and is the benchmark for sustainable and socially responsible contract farming, offering a win-win situation for individual and small farmers. Currently, about 1000 farmers are under contract with a production volume of over 30000 MT. This is slated to double in the coming months. Its strategy is based on a unique trusted farmer aggregation platform based on a socially responsible "partnership farming" model in India, This model will be expanded to a wider range of agricultural produce in the years to come.
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